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For All Pet Services, Please Contact Us by your preferred method below:


Telephone, Text Message — 916-968-3111 (Contact Us Directly)

PRESS HERE to CALL US (916)968-3111
PRESS HERE to TEXT US (916)968-3111
(Call or Text me for fastest response)
(The best way to contact me during daytime/early evening is by Phone Call or Text Message)



Pet Care Information Request (We will call you back)


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Pet Care Payments

Accepted payments for pet care:

  • Cash (paper, coin)
  • Check (paper)(address to The Pet Agency)
  • Bill Pay via your Bank or Credit Union(a number of credit unions use Popmoney) (send to The Pet Agency)
  • Credit card in person/by phone (with Paypal or Square) (For Paypal, we will email you an invoice.)
  • Bank transfer (via Paypal)



  • Money Order
  • Bank wire (let us know if you wish to wire payment and we will provide the required information (acct number/routing number etc.)
  • Money Transfer (MoneyGram, Western Union)(let me know if you plan to use this option for payments)
  • Cryptocurrency (not yet-under review)