Call me at 916-968-3111 for gentle, positive reinforcement (force free) Dog/Puppy Training (by phone or in-person), Leash Training and Dog Walking in Carmichael and the surrounding Sacramento, CA  region.

Dog training by phone is available every day of the week.  Same day, emergency, evening and weekend appointments are also available. 

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Dog Training 

Customized, In-person training and guidance to Create and Maintain a Lasting Bond between You and your Dog.

Individualized, force-free, positive reinforcement, non-confrontational, reward-based Dog Training and behavioral consults are available at your home, our training center or other convenient location where you most interact, walk and/or play with your dog. 

My training method (for all training categories)  and overall approach is founded on evidence-based concepts, such as reward-based behavior modification and environmental enrichment, learned during my Master of Science (MS) degree in Canine Science  program and from core Fear Free training principles. 

Behavioral Issues Assessment/Training

My focus during problem behavior training  is to help you understand your dog's behavior, emotions, feelings and needs and equip you and your family with the knowledge, skills, techniques to meet those needs so you can change your dog's adverse emotional responses to external environmental triggers. This multi-faceted training approach will help reduce/eliminate undesirable behaviors and condition desirable behaviors so you can enjoy your pet more. 

Each behavioral training engagement is individually customized to your and your dog's unique wants, needs and requirements. Prior to applying any behavioral techniques, I gather a detailed history of your dog's background, behavior issues/triggers, living environment, family interactions  and other factors so I can create a unique training plan that will focus on the techniques most likely needed to achieve a successful outcome (such as enriching the environment or a specific behavior technique like desensitization).

To rule out a chemical imbalance or other physical/medical issue/condition with your dog that may be causing the undesirable behaviors, I recommend a full exam be performed by a veterinarian prior to starting any training addressing behavioral issues. 

General Dog Handling/Management Training

My general dog training sessions focus on dog handling and management skills such as leash training, elimination training, crate habituation and basic proactive behavior commands (such as sit, wait, come, walk, drop it, leave it, take it and watch me). 

Specialized Training Categories

If you would like specific, customized training such as for puppy socialization, agility training, scent work or service/therapy dog training, see below for those services.

Telephone Training

Telephone training appointments are also available. If you would like a phone training appointment, please contact me by telephone or text at 916-968-3111 so I can set up a time that works for both of us. Most phone training appointments last about 30 minutes to an hour. 

Puppy Preschool Class/Puppy Training

We provide customized puppy preschool class for puppies 7-12 weeks of age who are up to date on vaccine boosters and who have written health clearance from their veterinarians to attend class.  

Puppy preschool is the single most important time to socialize puppies to prevent behavior problems down the road.

Please call me at 916-968-3111 if you would like more information about available puppy training and classes.

Agility Training

I provide relaxed and fun, reward-based agility training where your dog can learn to run a course, around pylons or over jumps on an appointment basis.

Scent Work Training

Scent work training where I can  train your dog to identify specific scents is provided on an appointment basis. 

Service Dog/Therapy Dog Training

I also provide Service Dog/Therapy Dog training on a customized basis that works around your schedule. Please call me 3 months in advance for details and times at 916-968-3111.

Training Outcomes/Effectiveness

Training duration and effectiveness for all categories of training vary from dog to dog depending on your dog’s issues, temperament, your commitment and consistency in applying recommended techniques and/or desired behaviors you want from your dog. No one can guarantee a pet's problem behaviors can be fixed or resolved. For highly complex cases with multiple concurrent factors that require a team-based approach, I will refer you to the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Behavioral Service for an evaluation.

Price Ranges

General Commands Training, Leash Training and Specialized Category (Agility, Scent,  Service, Puppy) Training ($150 - $190) per hour session.

Behavioral Issues Training ($180-$350) per 1-1.5 hour, in-person session (prices vary depending on the severity and number of your dog's issues as well as the amount of preparation, research, planning and follow-up required to attempt to address/correct problem behaviors). Usually at least two sessions (an evaluation session and a hands on training session) are needed to make improvements in your dogs behavior. 

Phone training ($120/hour session)

(in-person prices apply to the Carmichael CA region)

Michelle is a Fear-Free Certified Animal Trainer. The Fear Free certification has equipped me with the capability (as your dog trainer) to work in partnership with veterinary teams to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress and improve a dog's emotional wellbeing during veterinary care and home care. 

I provide force-free, reward-based behavioral modification training and handling at all times with your dog. I refrain from using any methods such as direct force, choke chains, prong collars or shock collars that would cause your dog to feel pain or experience fear. 

Dog Walking / Dog Walking Plus (Walk and Train)

Pure exercise and stimulation Dog walks are 1/2 hour or 1 hour in length from a client's home. Dog Walking Plus is a walk and train combination where leash training, head collar training and/or other dog walk related training issues (pulling, lunging, barking)  are addressed with you while walking your dog.

Price range $60-$120.

Contact me at 916-968-3111 for availability. 

Business Information

I and any people who work with me are bonded and insured. 

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The Pet Agency Sacramento County business license is #GNB32016-03145. 

For any other questions about my services please call or text message me at 916-968-3111