Call me at 916-968-3111 for gentle, positive reinforcement Dog/Puppy Training (by phone or in-person), Leash Training and Dog Walking in Carmichael and the surrounding Sacramento, CA  region.

Dog training by phone is available every day of the week.  Same day/emergency/evening/weekend appointments are available. 

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Individualized Dog / Puppy Training, using gentle, positive reinforcement methods, is available at your home or other preferred location where you most interact with your dog. My training methods are based on concepts learned during my Master of Science (MS) degree in Canine Science  program as well as Fear Free principles and use punishment-free behavior modification approaches to encourage and/or reward desired outcomes from your dog. I actively include you and/or your whole family in the training so you can learn and practice how to effectively interact with your dog to promote the actions and behaviors you want and thus enjoy your pet more and have a happy life.

Telephone training appointments are also available. If you would like a phone training appointment, please contact me by telephone or text message at 916-968-3111 so I can set up a time that works for both of us. Most phone training appointments last about 30 minutes to an hour. Training duration and effectiveness vary from dog to dog depending on the extensiveness of your dog’s issues and/or desired behaviors you want from your dog.

Michelle is a Fear-Free Certified Animal Trainer. The Fear Free certification has equipped me with the capability (as your dog trainer) to work in partnership with veterinary teams to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress and improve a dog's emotional wellbeing during veterinary care and home care. 

Dog Walking

My dog walking service entails walking 3 to 5 dogs at various parks and neighborhoods (we mix it up to enhance mental stimulation and enrichment).

I transport them safely during the cool hours of the morning.

They are each then returned to their homes.

Dogs love this group walk and most of the time stay in it for the duration of their active years.

Contact me at 916-968-3111 for availability. 

For any other questions about my services please call or text message me at 916-968-3111

I and any staff who work with me are bonded and insured. 

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The Pet Agency Sacramento County business license is #GNB32016-03145.